Fifty Shades Darker on this valentine (10 Feb.2017)

An American erotic romantic drama ‘Fifty Shades Darker‘ is going to release on this valentine (10 Feb.2017) . It is the second film of the Fifty Shades series films and it is the sequel of 2015 movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are playing leading role in this romantic movie. Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey are trying to resume their love relationship and trying to learn a lesson from their past. Some other stars of this movie are Luke Grimes, Kim Basinger, Eloise Mumford and Max Martini. They also played their role in a fantastic way. This movie take a start from the ending events of the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The whole story make a circle around the love relationship between Ana and Grey.

Overview of Fifty Shades Darker Movie:
This american romantic drama is taken from a novel ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ written by a E.L. James and it is directed by James Foley who is known as a prominent director.
Almost all the photography for this movie performed in the most beautiful places of the world Vancouver and Peris. Universal pictures productions is going to release this movie on February 10, 2017. Everyone can watch this movie free online after its release.

In the end of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Ana forbids to remain Christian grey’s girlfriend any longer. In the starting of its sequel ‘Fifty shades darker’ there is no love relationship between them. Jack Hyde appointed Ana as personal assistant, he was the editor at Seattle Independent Publishing. After some time Grey tells her about an exibition organised by her friend Jose Rodriguez’s in Portland. Ana and Grey reach there and sit together for dinner. Christian opens his heart in front of Ana and make her know about his feeling. He says that he loves her too much and he wants her back in his life. He gets success in convincing Ana on a condition that he will not interfere in her matters. Meanwhile Grey tells Ana that he has take over SIP. After hearing this Ana gets angry on him and feels that he is again trying to interfere her personal matters. Christian tries to make her understand that he is not interfering in her work rather he wants to save her from Jack’s harassment because he knows Jack for a long time. She don’t understand the real motive of Mr. Jack at that time but after some time when Mr. Jack asks her for sexual favors, she realizes that Christian was right. She tells everything to Christian and he gave Jack a piece of his mind.

At Grey’s home Ana meets a woman Elena Lincoln. This is the same woman who seduced Grey before some time and even now he doing salon business with this woman as a partner. When Elena finds that Ana again came in Grey’s life she tries to make them apart from each-other by spoiling their love relatioship.

Ana feels fear when she finds Grey is not there with her while coming back from Portland to Seattle. After sometime Christian comes to Ana and tells her that all this happen because his engine going bad. Now Ana feels that she can’t live without Christian and accepts his marriage proposal.

The next day Christian organizes a grand birthday party and announces his engagement with Ana. Hearing this announcement Elena meets Ana and tries to misguide her by saying that Christian is not a right choice for you, he will again follow his BDSM life style. So, it would be better for you not to get married with this mean fellow.
After knowing this Christian disband all his business relationships with Elena.

In the end of this drama Christain and Ana both goes to a boathouse. It house is fully decorated with various beautiful flowers there he proposes her in a right way and Ana accepts his proposal happily. On the other side Jack Hyde swearing on taking revenge form Christian.

There is no doubt this movie is going to be a super-duper hit movie. Its theme song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is sung by most melodious singers Taylor Swift and Zyan. It is so sweet and beautiful song. For enjoying this movie completely you must watch this movie after its release on February 10,2017.

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